Craft Soda syrup in Bag n Box has become a big hit in Houston once tasted.Craft Soda syrup in Bag n Box has become a big hit in Houston once tasted.Craft Soda syrup in Bag n Box has become a big hit in Houston once tasted.Craft Soda syrup in Bag n Box has become a big hit in Houston once tasted.

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Two Brothers from Houston, Texas have been in the Bar Supply business since 2001. They started the Feelgood Craft Soda Company locally, 2 years ago, with great success.  Now they decided to share their creations of Craft Sodas Syrups with America. All the customers in Houston rave about it.  If you're a business, check out the "Own Your System" page and save money.  Call or e-mail about what we can do for you. Thank you!




  • We specialize in 3 Gallon Bag in Box Beverage Syrup Products made with ORGANIC CANE SUGAR and PURE CANE SUGAR. The Bag in Box industry is changing, ORGANIC CANE SUGAR and PURE CANE SUGAR Bag in Box products taste better and are healthier than HFCS High Fructose Corn Syrup products because HFCS doesn't break down in your body and stays as STORED FAT.
  • Check our Product / Pricing  and see our current line of 3 Gallon Bag in Box products that we sell for $45.00 and $35.00.

Craft Soda with Natural In

Craft Soda a New Name-It's Called "FeelGood Craft Soda Company" Made with 100% Organic Cane Sugar

Pure Cane Sugar

 Craft Soft Drinks, also Known as Specialty or Small Batch Soda-Are Capturing Shares of the Market Place Industry-By Offering Premium with Natural Ingredients and Creative Flavors.  When you Pick Up a Craft Soda  You're Saying Something about Yourself. You're saying, "I'm Looking for Something Better, Healthier, and more Natural " 

About Us

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Bag n Box craft soda syrup made with  Organic Sugar and Pure Cane Sugar used in both of our product lines because water and sugar are the 2 main ingredients making up more than 95% of Recipes. The Recipes were created with the thought of using Non GMO and all natural ingredients when we could and we have done our best to do that. We are proud of all the products we have created and want to share these with anyone that's looking for better products for themselves and their customers. Our product line will continue to expand providing new flavors often.  

Our Story


 The inspiration in creating Feelgood Craft Soda Company was from our local soda fountain customers. They wanted better products at affordable prices with better service when fountain issue occur. So we created it and priced it at a REAL fair market value and our fountain service is the best in the business.  The 2 Big Brand Name companies products haven't changed but they take price increases 2 times a year. We value our customers opinions and demands because our customers are just like us.  We all want Better Products at Better Prices with Better Service.  Providing high levels of excellence in an ever demanding industry. It's what we do. 

Our Mission


 The Big Brand Name companies have gotten too greedy with the Fountain Products they sell and the quality isn't keeping up with the demands in the Fountain Product market.

Our mission is to be able to provide a PREMIUM PRODUCT at FAIR MARKET PRICES.


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For all of our customers in the Greater Houston Area we provide service work on the many types of soda systems. They appreciate our late service hours and days.  We refurbish, sell new equipment and repairs. Our Technicians are the best .