State of the Soda Fountain Industry

Soda Fountain with most of Feelgood craft soda. When you are free of coke products, you can purchase your own fountain machine and not pay coke's high prices for Bag n Box.


If you, as a business operator own your soda fountain equipment, good for you.  Most businesses that use soda fountain equipment, DO NOT OWN IT.  Why?  Because one of the big companies loaned it to you,  but now you have to buy  the bag in box products from them at their extremely high prices.  They control the high prices and the  large price increases.  As a business owner, you should have the ability to buy whatever you want from whomever you want.

  • Figure out what your cost per gallon is and compare that to our cost.  Multiply that toward your monthly usage and see the hundreds of your dollars going to the big companies.  That profit can be going toward owning your own equipment. In most cases, you will have money leftover after your monthly payment.                                             

  •  If you're using 5 gallon boxes, divide your cost per box by 5.  Example:  Coca Cola   5  gallon is $21.00  per gallon.  Monthly Coca Cola usage is 10 boxes or 50 gallons.                       

  •  FEELGOODCRAFTSODA company Vintage Pure Cane Sugar Cola 3 gallon, $35.00 or $11.67 per gallon.   $21.00  - $11.67 is a $9.33 SAVINGS per gallon.  $9.33 x 50 =  $466.50 SAVINGS 

  •  How many gallons do you buy monthly?

      Your Savings could be over $1,000.00 per month

  •  There are several different options you have.  Buy or Lease to own your equipment out right.
  •  New or Manufactured Refurbished.   Whether you need a soda fountain system for your restaurant, sandwich  shop, club or bar, WE CAN HELP!!! 

     LANCOR CORP, which manufactures soda fountain equipment, HAS A SPECIAL AND UNIQUE PROGRAM

  They refurbish soda machines and resell them for hundreds of dollars cheaper than New fountain equipment and still offers the same manufacturer's warranty as NEW Fountain Equipment.

     Inventory changes frequently because of the high demand for these units.  Call us and we'll check if the type of unit you're currently using  is available for you.